Specialist Areas

Specialist solutions are the things we offer outside of our normal products and services. That is, anything that is not reactive building maintenance or planned refurbishments of any kind.

Our specialist skills are designed to be either used alone or as part of a bigger job that we’re carrying out for a client.

For example, we maybe called in to help repair a wooden window frame as a one off piece of work or repairing a window might be part of a larger structural piece of work.

On specialist area is wooden window repairs. To offer the best of breed we have partnered with Repair care International and their class leading repair solutions; you can read more about that here – Wooden Window Repair.

Another specialist service we provide is fast repairs to roofs, floors, balconies and walls, using professional products known as ‘Fast Coat Pro’ and ‘Rapid Waterproofing solutions’. You can read more about that here- Waterproofing Solutions.

We’re are also evaluating solutions around brick repair which will fit perfectly alongside the range of Repair Care International products in our portfolio.

Wooden Window Repair
Waterproofing Services

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