Waterproofing Services

Keeping your domestic or commercial property watertight and in tip-top condition can often be a difficult task. Things such as roof replacements and balcony repairs are generally expensive, extensive and disruptive. However, we now offer a quicker, long-term, and cost-effective solution.

‘Fastcoat Pro’ and ‘RapidRoof’ Waterproofing solutions are products which allow a speedy but accomplished and professional finish to Flat Roofs, Pitched Roofs, Floors, Walls, Foundations, Balconies, Gutters, Walkways, Carparks, and Green roofing protection. We offer free quotations alongside technical support.

‘Rapid Waterproofing Solutions’ is a fast curing, cold liquid rubber with a typical curing time of 20 minutes. The range includes cover for roofing, carparks, walkways, tanking, anti-graffiti, moisture elimination, and corrosion protection. For even the most in-depth and detailed of roofs, the protective membrane system allows flexibility in application as well as reducing time and disruption to site. Dependent on the project type and application, a guarantee of 5-15 years is offered. The RapidRoof range includes RapidRoof, RapidDeck, RapidGutter and RapidEdge; all products can provide tough and anti-skid coatings.

‘Fastcoat Pro’ is a fast curing, tough, and flexible hand applied polyurethane which doesn’t slump or drip. This product provides waterproofing protection to Pitched Roofs, Flat Roofs, Green Roofs, Balconies and Walkways, with a 20-year guarantee.

If you have a business or home which needs maintenance repairs completing in the areas listed above, for a free quotation (whether to supply or install), call Main-PRO on 0113 387 8790 or alternatively send an email to info@main-pro.co.uk

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